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“Africa opens to Africa, Africa opens to the world!”

Our mission aims to become the leader, the gold standard in the publication of advertisements and the search for opportunities in Africa, for individuals and for companies (Purchase, Rent, Sale, Donnate, …). Our marketplace can boast of bringing together all business opportunities, from the most basic to the most sophisticated, from the free to the most expensive, from the most mundane to the most luxurious.

We believe that Africa has everything it needs to develop and flourish and that the key to success lies in opening up to our African neighbor.

Our mission is to make the continent’s largest marketplace .This showcase, in addition to revealing all the creative genius of Africa, will facilitate exchanges between Africans by making available to each, what the other is looking for.

All of Africa’s opportunities, brought together in one place, to break down the distances and boundaries  between nations and peoples.

Our values ​

African consciousness is at the center of our concerns. We are INTELLIGENT, HONEST and CONSCIOUS Africans to be, each and all together, the main architects of the development of our Africa. We take up the challenges of the world in which we live, but also future challenges that we will have to overcome, and we bring our humble part to the construction of our Africa.

Our vision

Our vision lies in the creation of the Biggest African Market for Africa (Art, Fashion, Technology, Innovation, Real Estate, Events, Health, Education, Hotels and Restaurants, Lost and Found, culture, …). We see Africa develop through its inter-district, inter-city, inter-state and international interactions.

Through our platform, we aim to encourage Africans to remove barriers, borders, distances between Africans themselves , and then between Africans and the rest of the world. Thanks to this Great Market, we wish to see innovative and functional interconnection solutions (transport, logistics, communication, transactions, etc.) inspired by Africans themselves and aim to bring peoples together. We dream of removing the borders between the different African countries, and leaving only ONE AFRICA, a single land where all the inhabitants are interconnected, and ignore all differences of nationality, language or religion. intends to be the synonym of SECURITY, SERIOUS, CONSCIOUS AFRICA AND VALUE, CREATIVITY, INSPIRATION, INTEGRATION, DEVELOPMENT, PROSPERITY, SUCCESS, FUTURE!

This Great Market for Africa and through Africa aims to see, one day very soon, the arrival of an electronic money, common to all African countries, which will facilitate exchanges and transactions between our peoples, UNITED.

Our culture

As Africans, we are very attached to the family. So is working to create a bigger family. Each members (member, subscriber) of our community constitutes a new member of the family, and has to invite other members to join the family. Together, we are stronger.